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About luxe

About luxe

Mandy Blinco and Mark Hill are makers of landscape theatre and illuminated spectacle.

Our coming together in 2008 and forming LUXE was a creative explosion combining the experience of two lifetimes creating work for the streets and for the landscape. Mark’s journey through fine art and touring theatre, performance percussion, public and processional sculpture. Mandy’s through processional performance, theatre and textiles and her wanderlust seeking inspiration amongst the foothills of the Himalayas and the deserts of Rajasthan.

From our mountain home in Donegal we create work with coastal communities around Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Iceland, Arctic Norway and recently with Newfoundland. Making celebratory work in the landscape, sharing methods and techniques and inspiring new ways of working.

Working in the landscape informs the work we present in cities and towns enabling us to bring vibrant processional performance and a rare coastal energy to urban streets.

As LUXE we continually make, re-work and move our collection of sumptuous costume and processional sculpture, developing work ranging from intimate processional theatre and beach spectacle to large scale illuminated processions for urban centres.

We are passionate about making bespoke landscape theatre, at night, where the land, the sea and the sky meet on Atlantic coasts and islands. Working always out of doors we celebrate our relationship with the elements and the changing seasons, aligning with the cosmic flow, the moon and it’s tides, the path of the sun and the changing light.

We are supported by a dedicated group of highly skilled performers, dancers, musicians, artists and technicians, drawing on theatre, fine art, ritual and music to bring alive our visual world, sustaining communities and celebrating in a shared landscape.